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Alt-Design IT specialises in developing business apps for Certification Systems and Distribution Systems.

Using the cloud-based myDigitalStructure platform allows us to create scalable bespoke apps in a fraction of the time. Coupled with may years of experience in these fields, projects competed by Alt-Design IT consistently provide business value and increase productivity.

With 10 years experience in Certification and over 20 years experience in Distribution, Alt-Design IT has developed a core set of modules to even further increase the speed of delivery.

Alt-Design IT has proudly developed certification management systems for various customers that has placed these businesses in the enviable position of being considered as 'best-of-breed' for their business processes. Through careful analysis and continuous consultation and a solution incorporating the myDigitalStructure platform, the application and ongoing improvements are rapidly implemented
Working initially with bread distributors, apps written with the myDigitalStructure platform are freeing distributors from their desktops. Cloud-based solutions allow customers to place their daily orders online from their choice of device and business owners have access to their all-important ordering, delivery and accounts information - anytime, anywhere.

"Good design is finding a solution to a problem. Great design is finding the simplest solution to the same problem."

Nicholas Petersen

Our Story

As a small business operating for over 10 years, Alt-Design IT has grown to accomodate the increasing demand for it's services. This increased demand is attributed to the evolution of mobile technology and the subsequent consumer demand for 24 / 7 access to information.

As a business partner with ibCom, Alt-Design IT took on the growing consumer challenge by utilising their cloud-based myDigitalStructure platform to provide solutions that were not only available 24 / 7, but were also capable of full end-to-end business management and run on any device. Customers have embraced the full-feature set offered by the myDigitalStructure platform and the resulting applications allow them to manage their entire business from within one application.

Over the years, Alt-Design IT has built a reputation for being able to understand and interpret business needs and convert these into applications providing exceptional business value. We understand that the user interaction with an application is key to it's success and work with our clients interatively using mock-ups and prototypes throughout each project to ensure that the user experience is optimal.

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Specialising in Certification and Distribution, we create solutions that will grow your business, not slow your business.




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